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Saturday, February 2, 2013

WE GOT MARRIED : Appear Another Girl Who Rumored will be Pair with 2 PM Taecyon

After a member of 2 PM Nichkkun filming variety show "We Got Married" now the time for Taecyon.
The rumor spread that after the disperse of Lee Joon - Oh Yeon Seo couple, coming next is Taecyon couple.
But it seems very unclear about who will be the wife of Taecyon.
Several days ago, appears name Nicole from Kara.
and now, another beautiful girl shows up with name Gui Gui ( Wu Ying Jie)

For this couple it will be the International couple.
But, there is no fix conformation yet from JYP management about this couple.
Whether the Taiwanese entertainment stated that Wu Ying Jie has been confirmed to appear as Taecyeon’s on-screen wife on ‘We Got Married – World Version’… The contract has already been completed, and she is waiting for the filming date.”

Wu Ying Jie, (Gui Gui),herself is a Taiwanese singer and actress,debuted as the member of group ‘Hey Girl‘. She has been active in the entertainment industry as MC. She speaks three languages including her native language, Japanese and English.

Regarding the issue, JYP entertaiment comment that
“Taecyeon is still not confirmed for the ‘world version’ of ‘We Got Married’. He is still looking over the offer… MBC has not revealed any information to us, so we don’t know anything . As of now, Taecyeon is still looking over it.”

Lets see next week, who will be the couple for WGM world series.. :)


  1. mantaaps gan blognyaa :)
    jgn lupa follback yahh di :)

  2. Let it be them. Please. Love them so much.

    Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!

    1. ok, i will see and leave comment on your blog soon..
      Thanks for coming to my blog.. :)
      Are you also a Korean lovers?


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