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Monday, February 11, 2013

Variety show : The Romantic and Idol season 1

TvN current variety show The Romantic and Idol..
Here is the season one of The Romantic and Idol..
I just finished watching this variety show yesterday. The season one is already so good.
I feel the sensation when watching it.

The Romantic and Idol season 1 members
Here are the members of The Romantic and Idol season one..
Boys : from left to right :
- JJ Project - JB
- 2 PM - Jun K
- ZeA - Hyungsik

Girls : from the left to right :
- AoA : Hyejeong
- 4minutes : Nam Ji Hyun
- Fiesta : Jei
- Rainbow : Seung Ah

So, here is the concept of the show.
This is un-script show, so i guess what they talking there is very real.
First, the watched the movie that consist of the romantic location for the first date meeting with the partner.
After that, 8 of them go to jeju island to spend 3 days 2 night there..
Second and third date the partner they choose based of the necklace and t shirt and each of the boys and girls have prepared before.
For the night walk, they choose partner based on the song preference.

Many romantic scene happened there..
The location chosen are also very beautiful.
That's why it worth to watch!! :)



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