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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Girls Generation New Album - I Got A Boy

Who don't know Girls Generation?
Famous with SNSD, girls generation launch their new reborn album.
As we know, after 5 years debut, usually a girlband or boyband will be dissolved.
And SNSD debut was at 2007, so in 1st january 2013,
They launched their reborn album called "I Got A Boy"
So totally, this is their 4th full length album.

Their first single is I Got A Boy where they show their hiphop style..
I personally loved their song also the way they dance in the new album..

 Here's their tracks :
1. I Got A Boys  : Download here : Lyrics

This is the song which i said i love the music and dance..
Their fashion in the song is so great, also the movement..
The song is so easy to remember.. love it!

2. Dancing Queen : Download here : Lyrics

The concept of MV is taking from the past few years.
They make it the same like their hot single "Gee"

3. Baby Maybe : Download here : Lyrics
4. Talk Talk       : Download here : Lyrics
5.Promise          : Download here : Lyrics
6. Express 999  : Download here ; Lyrics
7. Lost in Love  : Download here : Lyrics
8. Look at Me   : Download here ; Lyrics
9. XYZ              : Download here : Lyrics
10. Romantic st. : Download here ; Lyrics

Wish them a best luck for the new album :)


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