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Friday, January 11, 2013

2 AM full length Japanese new album

2 AM releases their first full length Japanese album named "Voice"

The album consist of 11 songs of them.
Here the list of the tracks :
1.     "For You ~Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto~"      
2.     "Denwa ni Denai Kimi ni"      
3.     "Darenimo Watasenai Yo"      
4.     "First Love"      
5.     "Pretty Girl"      
6.     "Waratte Agerarenakute Gomen"      
7.     "Birthday"      
8.     "Innocent Smile" (無邪気な笑顔で)    
9.     "Kowaresou"      
10.     "Winter gift"      
11.     "Never Let You Go ~Shindemo Hanasanai~"      
12.     "Love Song from Radio"

Their album received a great respond from their listener.
In the first day launched, the album have been placed at the #1 rank in Tower Records chart.
Also #3 rank in Oricon chart.

The newest news is that, they will perform at the "Beat Connection".
2 days concert which will held at 26th - 27th of January 2013.


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